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Over 15 Years Of Real Estate Construction Experience

Founded in 2007, ARG Builders started as a small remodeling business. Through a relentless work ethics and a client-centered approach, the company grew through theGreat Recession, laying the foundation of a successful business. 

Over time, the company developed procedures and methods to manage complicated construction projects efficiently, within unique timelines and budgets. In its journey, ARG Builders created a professional team of passionate people who share the same vision and goal of providing excellent construction management services to build beautiful homes and awe-inspiring  real estate. Our technology-driven and custom-tailored approach to construction management has enabled us to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Frank Cao


While pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Princeton University, I began my entrepreneurial journey. I started the construction business during the last months of 2007 with the help of my wife, who has been a source of strength and encouragement for me. We were committed to a strong work ethic and delivering excellence in construction services which formed the foundation of our early success. 

In the initial stages of our business, I went door to door providing free consultations and estimates to homeowners. We landed a few small construction jobs through this, but this marked the start of our journey. We learned discipline, how to be grateful for opportunities, and many other lessons that time threw at us the hard way. It was worth it. Stay lean and nimble. Build relationships with integrity. Always add value. Execute with efficiency. These lessons helped drive where the company is today.