Best-In-Class Construction Management

At ARG Builders, we have a dedicated team of passionate and experienced professionals involved in the construction field. We strive to provide our clients with results not only focused on their immediate needs and budget, but their long term goals. 

Take Control of Your Construction Project

We leverage our knowledge, experience, and partnerships to provide innovative construction management services that help you optimize the value of your real estate assets. We adopt a tailored approach to construction projects of different scopes, schedules, complexity, and budget. Our long term relationships with design professionals and contractors extend the trust we have earned to our clients. We put the best team forward, building each project as if it were our own.

Cost Analysis

Accurate cost estimation is a critical aspect of any construction project. With years of experience in the industry, we understand and stay updated with the changing market conditions and material rates. Our expert team discusses your project details and requirements. Thorough market research provides accurate, comprehensive, and timely cost estimates for your project. We try our best to give you highly competitive prices while adhering to the highest quality. 

Value Engineering

We provide robust value-engineering services that focus on cost savings and keep your project on track. We eliminate unnecessary wastes, expenses and uncover even the smallest cost savings opportunity without compromising project quality and aesthetics. We create innovative solutions to resolve project challenges by utilizing our diverse knowledge. This results in aesthetically appealing and functional design, cost savings, and quick completion of your project. 

Design Build

Our team coordinates with architects, engineers, and contractors early in the design process and ensures open lines of communication. . We determine your project design, scope, budget, and schedule to meet your timeline and specifications. Plus, we discuss the design considerations regarding environmental efficiencies. Our team of carpenters and specialists work closely with professional subcontractors to develop cost-effective estimates for your project and meet your expectations  with quick turnaround. 

Project Management

We have years of experience handling construction projects of varying scopes, complexities, budgets, and timelines. We have in-depth knowledge of the technical, regulatory, compliance, and scheduling issues. Our team of professionals include experienced professionals from various trades with a high level of versatility and skill. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we provide comprehensive project management services that cover all aspects, from ideation to completion. 

Frequently Asked
Questions & Answered

The cost of residential construction depends on a range of factors such as design, location, material choices, finish level, and others. Our experts discuss and evaluate your project needs and give you an accurate cost estimate. However, we have  built ground up residential projects from $200 per square foot to $500 per square foot.

The duration of completing any construction project depends on its scope. We have completed ground up residential projects in as little as six months. However, every project has a different level of complexity. Once we develop a schedule and plan, we aim to finish any construction project within the given timeline.

We try to focus on a few construction projects at a given time to deliver the highest quality. It’s easy to say that we can start right away, but we don’t because we value our clients, their time, and resources. We discuss the project, its target completion date, and other details. The entire pre-construction process, including feasibility and evaluations, usually takes 3 to 5 weeks.

Typically, we bill our clients based on the milestones and progress of the project (approximately every 3 to 4 weeks). We start the project by buying materials and deploying the crew on-site without heavy upfront costs. Generally, we distribute the total amount in 8 to 12 payments.


Yes, we provide financing for construction projects. We can refer you to our financing partners if you need a larger loan for your construction project.

We don’t directly provide architectural design services at our office; however, we can refer you to the architects in our network who can assist you with your needs. We work with your designer and architect at every step of the project to ensure it meets your requirements. Once the design is complete and permits are granted, we can immediately start the construction process according to your specifications.

We take pride in our in-house team of technicians, project managers, and carpenters. However, we may subcontract some project work to our reliable trade professionals depending on project size and scope. We have established relationships and can recommend them with confidence.

We have developed a streamlined and proven system with checklists and procedures that clearly outline the project path. We record daily progress reports which provide budget and milestone updates. We believe keeping you updated about your project in realtime is a key to success.

Yes, we provide 3 years limited and one-year full warranty. We will cover the complete labor and material warranty if we have supplied the materials for the projects within a year. Otherwise, you need to get a warranty/ replacement for the fixture from the vendors or material providers that you purchase


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